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J. J. Sweeney Jewelers

The little wedge of greenery located at the convergence of Rusk and Capitol at Bagby Street is known as the Sweeney Clock Triangle. Alas, in our haste of coming and going, many of us don’t give the Sweeney Clock the time of day. That’s unfortunate because there was a time when Houstonians set their watches by the ever-accurate Sweeney Clock.

Purchased from Boston clockmaker E.A. Howard, the clock was shipped to Texas and stood in front of the J.J. Sweeney & Co. jewelry store at the northeast corner of Main and Prairie from 1908 to 1928. In 1998, the three Sweeney’s Jewelers stores after 123 years, absorbed by a larger chain operation. Yet, today, John Jasper Sweeney’s clock ticks on.


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